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2021 Events

  • January 15th - Enrichment Session
    • Managing Talent in a Post-Pandemic World
  • February 19th - Enrichment Session
    • Managing Performance in the Era of 'Distributed' (Remote) Work
  • March 26th - Enrichment Session
    • Leverage Talent Trends to Move Ahead
  • April 16th - Enrichment Session
    • Precedent-Setting Legal Cases in Canada 
  • April 23rd - Career Management Session
    • Find Yourself a Sponsor!  
  • May 20th - Career Management Session
    • Set an A-Level Career Vision and Commit to It
  • June 18th - Enrichment Session
    • Equity, Inclusion, Allyship: Moving Beyond Diversity
  • June 25th - Career Management Session
    • From Individual-Contributor to People-Leader
  • July 23rd - Career Management Session
    • Leading Leaders and Leading Leaders-of-Leaders 
  • August 20th Enrichment Session
    •  Transitioning to a Different Industry Sector
  • September 30th - Career Management Session
    • Truth and Reconciliation: Effective People Practices!
  • November 12th - Career Management Session
    • Pathways to the Executive Suite
  • December 16th - Enrichment Session
    • Managing Terminations: Mitigating Legal Risk
  • December 17th - Career Management Session
    • Holiday Mingle

ABOUT US:  Canadian HR Academy, a training company for HR Professionals, is the provider of Canada's first Talent Management certification program, the Certified Talent Management Practitioner (CTMP) program. 

CTMPs are professionals who understand the strategic imperatives pertaining to Talent Management across sectors and functions in organizations.  They bring elite knowledge of Strategic Workforce Planning, Strategic Talent Acquisition, Agile Talent Management, Performance Management, Talent Reviews, Training and Development, Succession Planning, Total Rewards, Talent Intelligence, and Strategic Talent Metrics.

The CTMP Society of Canada's Community of Practice has members representing Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon.

Through this network the reach to other CTMP colleagues is far and wide.  CTMPs work in a variety of industry sectors, including, oil and gas, government, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, higher education, school boards, financial services, professional services, credit unions, land transportation, sea transportation, aviation, telecommunication, automotive retail, automotive manufacturing, consulting, and consumer packaged goods.

Not a CTMP and interested in registering for the program?  Visit us at

Benefits of the Society

  • Networking opportunities with CTMPs across the country. 
  • Access to the CTMP Knowledge Hub.
  • Enrichment Sessions (in our virtual classroom).
  • Career Management sessions.
  • ACE IT! Video series.
  • Talent Management job listings.
  • Talent Management book club.
  • Thought Leadership articles.
  • HR Podcasts.
  • Talent-TEDx.
  • Talent Management Summit.
  • ... and more! 

- Tap into exclusive content.

- Meet people who share your professional interests.

- Deepen your Talent Management knowledge.  

- Make better, more well-informed, work-related decisions.

- Swap stories, experiences, and ideas around our shared mission.

- Find inspiration.

- Weigh in on thought-provoking conversations with colleagues.

We help CTMPs SHINE at work day-to-day and in the long run!

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